LT Jesse Iwuji, Nascar Series Driver and U.S. Navy Officer

Huge congratulations to LT Jesse Iwuji on his first NASCAR national series start! Seeing as our beginning was sparked by a fellow Naval Academy Alum, we at Zulu Audio are proud to sponsor LT Iwuji.

From day one, LT Iwuji has been an inspiration to NASCAR fans and beyond. He has come onto the scene with little experience and money with a huge drive to achieve his dreams. His rise to where he is today is even more impressive as he continues to serve in the Navy  while pursuing his career as NASCAR driver.

At Sundays’ event (2:30 PM EST, 8/26/18), LT Iwuji plans to race the No. 34 Reaume Borthers Racing Truck, currently painted in red and black.
“It’s going to be a really cool experience, but something I think a lot of people who are out there serving can see and hopefully it helps inspire them and motivate them to go after their goals and dreams because it’s something a lot of people think they can’t do or couldn’t do. Hopefully with me doing it now, just showing them, ‘Hey it’s possible, if you want to get into racing, you can do it. If you want to get into anything else in life that seems super out of reach, you can do it.’ ”

– LT Jesse Iwuji, Lt. Jesse Iwuji to make first national series start at Canadian Tire

Ari Polivy, an active duty U.S. Marine and inventor of the Zulu wearable speakers, has been a long time friend of LT Iwuji.

He could not be happier for LT Iwuji, saying, “I am elated to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Jesse Iwuji and his team as we reach for our goals. Zulu Audio and Jesse Iwuji Racing are each on a path to success, sharing that journey is going to be a lot of fun.”

We are truly honored to be one of Jesse’s sponsors and have him be a part of the Zulu Audio team. We admire LT Iwuji for his perseverance and determination and wish him the best this weekend!

For the full announcement and more details, visit: Lt. Jesse Iwuji to make first national series start at Canadian Tire