Zulu Audio Safe Magnetic Wearable Speakers
Zulu Audio’s patented magnetic wearable bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your music while staying fully aware of your surroundings.


We all love music on the go. Whether it’s listening in the car, walking to work or on a 15 mile bike ride, music can truly enhance that experience. Unfortunately, listening to music while engaging in these activities has gotten increasingly dangerous, especially while wearing headphones.

Accidents involving pedestrians wearing headphones that were struck by cars has gone up at an alarming rate over the last few years. Studies that were done in 2012 have shown that these types of accidents had gone up 300% compared to years prior. Sadly, 70% of pedestrians involved in these accidents ended up passing away and 70% of that group were under the age of 30.

While these numbers were reported more than 6 years ago, the idea behind this study is still very relevant today. 

Car horns become incredibly hard to hear when the ability to hear surrounding noises is limited by headphones. The intention is never to to block out these sorts of sounds and warnings, but when the sense of hearing is impeded, your put yourself at much higher risk.

We don’t want anybody to forego the luxury of listening to music while walking, running, biking or exercising while compromising safety. This why we created the world’s first bluetooth magnetic wearable speakersOur lightweight design allows you to keep the speakers close to your ears giving your clear sound without having to blast them and disturb those around you.

Our goal is not to replace headphones, but to provide an alternative for those who want to exercise safer.

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