We are all partial to our own taste in music, so it comes as no surprise that people don’t want to be subjected to other people’s music while out in public. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely stroll, running a marathon, or hiking in the great outdoors, most people would agree that they would rather not be subjected to the blasting “go-to” playlists of others if they don’t have to.
This got us wondering: why do people use speakers instead of headphones?
Frankly, some people just don’t care if they are disturbing others and will continue to play their music out loud regardless of what other people may think (some may even strangely believe people are enjoying their “awesome” taste in music). Still, a big portion of the population find traditional headphones clunky, uncomfortable and unsanitary (yum…earwax!).
Turns out, the vast majority of people resort to using speakers instead of headphones due to safety concerns that arise while running, biking, hiking, etc. It is this last group of people that inspired the development of the Zulu Audio wearable speakers to allow for Portable Surround Sound.

Zulu Wearable Speakers Description

Our speakers are engineered to provide directional sound upward towards your ears. Most wearable speakers are big, bulky and project the sound in many different directions. Our speakers attach to your clothes using incredibly efficient magnets that sit just beneath your shirt ( speaker | shirt | magnet ). The speakers are so lightweight, you barely notice they are there!
The two speakers positioned directly beneath your ears, coupled with directional sound engineering, allow you to enjoy clear, crisp sound while ensuring the peace of those around you.
Check out the video below to learn more about Zulu Audio’s wearable speakers: